Join us for an Entwined Live Demonstration

Friday March 19 from 7–7:30pm (PT) at the San Francisco Golden Gate Park

Get excited for a live pattern show of the work you all created for Entwined at our workshop! We will be demonstrating what you created on Friday March 19th, including some awesome patterns from class alumnae Lindsay, Jason, Mattaniah, Sydney, and Quinn — congrats! These new patterns have been quite a hit with the Entwined crew, so we’re excited to show them off for the whole city to see!

Didn’t get a chance to take the workshop or submit a pattern? This is still the perfect chance to drop by and enjoy the installation during its final month of exhibition! Come chat with like-minded tech artists and LED enthusiasts. We’ll even have a controller so you can play around with the patterns live!

Meet Colin and the CODAME Team at the San Francisco Golden Gate Park, Peacock Meadow, underneath the main tree. Dress warmly: The meadow can get surprisingly chilly at night!

About Colin Hunt

Colin Hunt is a multimedia artist and technologist based out of Oakland, CA. His creative interests include illustration, writing, industrial fabrication, and tech art using tools such as Photoshop and Processing. Most recently, he has worked on Entwined Meadow, Charles Gadeken’s latest sculpture in Golden Gate Park, coding LED patterns in Java. He has a passion for comic books and runs the Bradbury 52, a challenge to write a short story every week for an entire year.

Colin has run a Workshop at CODAME to Create LED Patterns For Entwined

About Entwined Meadow

Entwined Meadow is an installation by Charles Gadeken. The exhibit brings the viewer to a whimsical land where visitors explore paths and sit under one of three metal sculpted trees. The trees range from 12 to 20 feet tall with colorful and ever-changing illuminated canopies as large as 30 feet wide. In addition to the trees, flower cluster sculptures composed of 2,000 LED lights at varying heights invite a dynamic and dazzling experience filled with radiating light and color. The lighting effects are inspired by nature and build a sense of magic and wonder: sensations such as raindrops, lightning, thunderstorms, windblown grass and leaves, ripples on a pond are translated through color and duration.

The installation opened on December 10th in Golden Gate Park’s Peacock Meadow near the Conservatory of Flowers. The project is made possible through a partnership between San Francisco’s Recreation and Park Department and the San Francisco Parks Alliance for the Park’s 150th Anniversary finale. Numerous professionals, arts supporters, and volunteers make Gadeken’s large-scale installations possible!

Originally published at on February 13, 2021.