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FRAMEWORLD includes the work from the following CODAME ART+TECH Featured Artists:

Mirabelle Jones, Delta_Ark, Paula Levine, Pablo Salafurka, Snow Yunxue Fu, Andy Wauman, Jordan Gray, Jody Stillwater, Tarwin Stroh-Spijer, DC Spensley, Anabela Costa, Huili Chen, Quinn Keck and Tiare Ribeaux.

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A web-specific group exhibition, curated by Yağmur Uyanık, that establishes a focus on the discourses around creating a multiplicity of locality, understanding of the new international and transcultural solidarity in the times of extreme precarity. The works in the show together critically engage with the present, embrace the notions of urgency, and propose alternative approaches to current disruptions, reflecting on what interconnectedness and new modes of collectivity look like now. They explore the idea of hybrid embodiments while engaging with the continuity between digital and physical.

In the light of the current global crises, this new initiation consolidates our commitment to creating space for our community to explore and reflect through creative, technological and critical means with a faster cadence.

  • How can we make use of the current concept of temporality to revisit the dominant narratives of progress, linear organizations of time, and ways of framing the world?

  • How do we revisit the ideas of borders and boundaries and work together to find ways of renegotiating how one moves through the world?

  • How do we reflect on closeness and proximity while investigating the intangible connections between the virtual and geographical nature of space?

  • How can we explore common horizons and new forms of collectivity and solidarity to build frameworks for a world that has yet to exist?

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About New Art City

New Art City is a virtual gallery & exhibition toolkit for digital art.

Its mission is to develop an accessible toolkit for building virtual installations that show born-digital artifacts alongside digitized works of traditional media.

Our curation and product design prioritize those who are disadvantaged by structural injustice. An inclusive and redistributive community is as important to our project as the toolkit itself.

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CODAME is a member of Intersection for the Arts a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. All proceeds will be split with the participating artists. Thank you for your support for ART 💜 TECH !!!

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