DAY 8: ART+TECH Festival 2020『 JOYNT 』

Friday, Dec 18, 2020 Schedule

Connect, Create and Celebrate. 『 JOYNT 』 us at the ART+TECH Festival

10:30am (PST) — Live Event — Glitch-Me Introduction

11:30am (PST) — Workshop — Sketching Worlds in 360

05:00pm (PST) — Live Event — Creating VR Music Videos

06:00pm (PST) — Live Event — SnipSynth Talk

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Friday, December 18th @ 11:30AM PST (timezone converter)Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival Bring worlds of your imagination to life by sketching them out on 360 spherical panoramas! Use a digital or analog workflows to explore drawing on a equirectangular grid. Participants will visit each other’s immersive images through standard web apps or VR devices (including cardboard)

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Friday, Dec 18, 2020, 10:30 AM PST (30 min) (check your timezone)

Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival (included in the Festival Pass and All Access Pass )

The project is a work-in-progress online platform for networked performances, which aims to introduce performative coding experiences to non-coders

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Friday, Dec 18th, 2020, 6:00pm PST (check your timezone)

Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival (included in the Festival Pass and All Access Pass )

“SnipSynth” is a new 6-channel granular synthesizer that Scott Kildall has developed based on his work on installations such as Botanic Quartet. He will discuss it and the underlying architecture, which is an ESP32 chip with custom synth classes that he’s written. The control bay will be 3d-printed and includes controls for loading small snips of WAV files, varying grain size/offset along with control voltages. This wil be available as open source and should be less than $100 in parts. Tune in!

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Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival (included in the

Festival Pass and All Access Pass )

Friday, Dec 18, 2020, 5:00pm PST (check your timezone)

Join Michelle and guests in VR or online as they discuss making virtual reality music videos.

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JOYNT = Connect + Create + Celebrate

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Let’s JOYNT forces to nurture Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion within the art and tech community!

Artists are innovators and producers of creative and extraordinary ideas and visions. Experiencing art and artistic processes is an important opportunity for learning and exploration. Even more so, collaborative art is a transformational force to strengthen the community and enhance well-being. CODAME invites you to become an active participant at our Festival where you can connect, create, and celebrate with our Artists.

CODAME is a member of Intersection for the Arts a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. All proceeds will be split with the participating artists.

Thank you for your support for ART 💜 TECH !!! Code of Conduct for all attendees.

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